How to finance solar for your home

solar panels

Think solar energy is outside your budget? You may be surprised.

Solar Buffalo’s financial options make solar energy affordable for all homeowners in Buffalo, NY.

Advancement in financing, manufacturing and technology has significantly decreased the solar panels and solar energy systems in recent years. It’s very likely that solar energy is within your price range.

Thanks to solar Purchase Power Agreements (PPA), you can purchase an entire solar system for little or no money down, and pay for your system as you go. Other home solar purchasing options include: paying for solar panels outright or through a lease or loan.

In addition to the many advantageous solar financing choices, local, state and federal tax credits significantly reduce the cost of solar panels and home solar installation.

Contact Solar Buffalo today  for a free home solar consultation, including a thorough presentation of financial and tax credit options available to you.

Save money with solar

In almost all cases, solar power will pay for itself over the course of several years and bring you thousands in savings over the life of your home solar energy array.

Home solar installation will lower your monthly electric bill significantly and may eliminate it all together. In some cases, home solar power users make money in credits from their local electric company when they don’t use all the electricity produced by their solar panels. With the cost of electricity increasing twice as much as inflation, you will reap massive savings.