Solar Benefits

The benefits of solar power in Buffalo and WNY

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Solar power is the fastest growing green energy solution America. Thinking about investing in solar power? Take a look at the advantages Solar Buffalo can deliver:

  • Government incentives make going solar even more rewarding. A big portion of your investment in solar energy installation and equipment you will get back quickly thanks to federal, state, and local rebates and tax credits.
  • Installing solar panels to your house will enhance its value. With solar energy part of the package, your home will sell faster and for more money.
  • With solar Purchase Power Agreements (PPA), you can buy a complete solar power system for little or no money down. Solar Buffalo provides many financial options to help you get started with solar energy for your residence.
  • Solar energy is a safe investment of your hard earned dollars. It is sustainable and renewable. As long as there is sun, you will have electricity in your home and save money.
  • Most solar energy panel manufacturers offer warranties of 20-25 years, and promise steady panel life and performance after 25 years. Call Solar Buffalo today to schedule a free consultation and get more information on solar panel choices..
  • Going solar takes the guess work out of your month-to-month and year-to-year electric costs. With solar energy, you pay approximately the same amount every month, and you will save.
  • Outfitting your home with solar energy is environment friendly because it is clean energy. Decreasing use of electricity makes for cleaner water, soil, and air, and decreases toxic gasses in the air that cause climate change, catastrophic weather, and global warming.
  • Solar engery panel installation will significantly lower your electric bill, and may even eliminate it. Some solar energy users even make money in credits when they don’t use all the energy created by their solar panels. All together, homeoners with solar energy save hundreds monthly and thousands over the span of many yearrs.
  • Minimal  maintenance is necessary to keep your solar panel system running optimally.

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